The Netbloodbank

As the name suggests, the ‘Netbloodbank’ is Blood bank management software on the internet. This is the great software to computerize blood bank operations. Information availability is not just limited to one centre. NetBloodBank manages all your branches using single login system. It helps blood banks to prepare all its registers like Master Register, Donor Register, Issue Register etc. There are more than 50+ registers are generated through this software. It computerizes Reporting, Billing, Inventory, Accounting functions of any Small & Large Blood bank.

We guarantee that we never compromise on our quality standards. NetBloodBank is one of the best Blood Bank Management Software available in the market today. This software is available over the cloud-based platform making it available anywhere, any time

Netbloodbank Features

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Accurate database record management, detailed blood bag database & detailed donor database.

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Search facilities by donor, patient, doctor, blood bag, and other recognition clues. Correlation and cross referencing between files makes this a useful feature


Faster response time and better control, blood cross matching (both electronic cross-matching and serological cross-matching) and result storing facility.


Customization makes it dynamic software as per your need, there is add on facility of bar code scanning and printing available as an option.

Sends various auto-SMS like testing report, post-donation wish, birthday wish etc, interface with grouping & testing machine


The software is linked with aadhar card. Net Blood bank software reads the information from aadhar card and displays it on various forms in the software.


Exhaustive report formats and registers, accounting facilities include patient's bills, income report, and outstanding balance reports on all types of printers.


Low initial outlay - i.e. low cost investment, Long term benefits and savings